General Rules


  1.   Only club members and guests may use club facilities. However, public participation is encouraged at matches and special events.
  2.   Guest must be accompanied by a member who will be responsible for their safety and conduct while on club grounds.  Guest fees are $4.00 per guest and can be deposited in the receptacles either in front of the club house or on the bench rest range.   Access keys will not be duplicated, transferred, or loaned.
  3.   Outdoor Range shooting hours: 7:00 AM to dusk in the Summer, Winter is dawn to dusk.
  4.   Common sense rules of safe firearms handling will be obeyed at all times. Common courtesy will prevail on the firing line when other shooter wish to hang or check targets. Anyone handling firearms in an unsafe manner, or failing to extend the cease fire courtesy to shooters on the line, may be brought before the Board of Directors for disciplinary action.
  5.   Vehicles will be kept on established roads and parking lots at all times, except for maintenance purposes. Drive Safely.
  6.   Firing will be done on established ranges only. Targets will be attached to target supports provided in a manner to prevent damaging the target supports. Midrange targets are not permitted.
  7.   The ranges are designed for conventional firearms (handguns, rifles, and shotguns). There will be no full automatic, bump fire, bazooka type, cannons, mortars, or other non-conventional firearms (weapons) fired on any range.
  8.   Tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, or explosive type ammunitions are not allowed.
  9.   No center fire rifles will be fired at metal targets or gongs on the Pistol Silhouette Range.
  10.   Remove all targets and brass and put them in trash barrels provided, or take them with you. Do not litter club grounds.
  11.   Shotgun shooting may be done in three areas.  One is south of the high power butts where the throwers are. Shotguns with shot loads may be used on the Plinking range at stationary targets.  Shotguns with slug loads may be sighted in on the west end of the Pistol range.  Only shotguns will be fired at aerial targets. Exceptions require special permission from the Board of Directors.
  12.   Portions of the facilities may be closed for safety reasons during formal matches, or for maintenance or special events.
  13.   Persons under 18 years of age not permitted on any range without an adult member who will assume supervision and responsibility for his/her conduct and safety.
  14.   No fireworks are permitted on club ground. Fire safety will be practiced at all times.
  15.   Wildlife is protected on club grounds — NO HUNTING!!
  16.   Consumption of alcoholic beverages (liquor, beer, or wine) will not be allowed on any range. Exceptions require special permission from the Board of Directors. Anyone firing on a range under the influence will be expelled from the club.
  17.   Any club member may act as Range Officer at any time to point out rule violations to offenders.
  18.   Each range may have special rules posted. Please observe them.
  19.   Violations of club rules should be reported promptly by club members to any of the Board of Directors for action. Such action could result in dismissal from the club. Certain violation could result in legal action being filed.

The above rules are intended to assure safety of all persons and property, and to permit worry-free and enjoyable use of club facilities. Shooting is a safe recreational and educational activity because thoughtful shooters respect and follow the rules with a spirit of cooperation, recognize the right of others, report violations, and know what damage, extra work and grief a careless act can cause.

There is a printable edition (PDF) of these rules under Members ONLY – YRC Forms and Files.