The Yellowstone Rifle Club has three silhouette ranges.

The first is the Rifle Silhouette range.  The firing line for this range is on the right (north) of the large dirt berm. And it was constructed in the 1970’s for NRA Silhouette Competition it is currently used for both the NRA rifle and black powder cartridge rifle silhouette matches. Silhouette targets are placed at; 200 meters – gallina (chickens); 300 meters —javelina (pig); 385 meters; – guajolete (turkey); and 500 meters — Borrego (ram).

The second is the .22 Rimfire Pistol Silhouette range.  The range is for .22 rimfire ONLY, NO 22 mag or .17 cal or any centerfire as these will damage the targets. Informal shooting at swingers allowed. The swingers are 3/8 the size of full size silhouettes. Distances are; 25 yards — chicken; 50 yards — pig; 75 yards — turkey and 100 yards — rams.

The third is the Smallbore Rifle/Muzzle Loading Silhouette range. This range was constructed for NRA smallbore (.22) rifle silhouette and is also used for organized muzzle loading practice and matches. Regulation targets are 1/5 the size of the standard silhouette target and the distances are; chicken — 40 meters, pig — 60 meters, turkey — 77 meters, ram — 100 meters.