Outdoor Pistol Rules

Precision Bullseye Pistol Range #8

This is the NRA Precision Bullseye pistol range. It is used for precision pistol tournaments, precision pistol practice and informal pistol practice. This range is restricted to conventional pistols and revolvers except the west end of the range, which may also be used for sighting in rimfire, muzzleloading, low-power centerfire rifles chambered for conventional pistol cartridges and shotguns with slugs. Target lines are at 15, 25 and 50 yards. Stationary targets are at 50 yards and turning targets at 25 yards.

Cross firing from this range to the Rimfire Silhouette/Muzzleloader Range (#9) is not allowed.

This range is closed when a tournament or organized practice is in progress on the rimfire rifle silhouette range (#9). During a tournament or organized practice on this range the rimfire silhouette will be closed, During times of ordinary usage, the two ranges must be coordinated by all participants on both ranges. Firing can take place at the same time on both ranges, but all firing must stop on both ranges before shooters on either range can go forward to repair their targets.

THIS IS NOT A PLINKING RANGE, only paper targets may be used and they must be placed in the frames at the established 25 and 50 yard target lines or on the target backers provided. All firing shall take place from the designated firing line. No firing is allowed in front of the benches. There are some target frames and cardboard in the west door of the storage building. Regular precision bullseye pistol practice takes place every Wednesday night at 6:30 PM from May through September. A range fee is charged on shooting nights and targets and frames are provided. There are tournaments on various weekends through the summer, be sure to check our calendar online.