Black Powder Cartridge Rifle


Yellowstone Rifle Club
Third Sunday every month except June & July
Gates open at 8am for sighting-in
Match begins at 10am


Participants pay entry fee and sign up on master list. Shooters are divided up into squads. The total number of competitors determines the number of squads. Each squad gets a clipboard with a score sheet. Shooters that wish to shoot and spot together need to make sure they are in the same squad. Each squad leader or designated scorer needs to then sign up their members with half on the line and the other half to spot and score. Each squad then proceeds to the designated starting target and may begin firing as soon as the range is declared open.

The spotters are the official scorers as bullet splash may be more reliable than sound. In rotation from left to right, the first half of each squad will engage the target with one shot each until all shots have been fired. Then the spotters will change places with the shooters and complete their rotation. After all shooters have completed their target, they will rotate to the next target to the right. Shooters that complete the far right target will move to the far left target. This rotation will continue until all targets have been engaged by all groups.

Winning places are decided first by overall score. If there is a tie, then it is decided by most hits on the offhand target. If still tied, then most hits on the farthest target will be used. If still tied, there will be a shoot-off on the offhand target.

Qualifying rifles are black powder rifles, single shot or lever action typical of the buffalo era, .375 caliber or larger, cast bullets only (no jacketed bullets). “Traditional” or “Period” rifle scopes are acceptable and encouraged. A separate class will be created to distinguish their scores from metallic sight shooters. Shooters are limited to one rifle in any given match. All shooting will be from sitting cross sticks (except the offhand target). We allow two seen sighter shots per target, plus five shots for score. Thus, a match requires 49 rounds minimum if all sighters are taken. Targets are at 692, 631, 502, 452, 371, 287, and 189 yds. The 189 yd target is designated as the offhand target.

Safe loads and gun handling are a must! Come ready to have a GREAT TIME!

For more information contact our Black Powder Director.