Bench Rest Rules

Bench Rest Range – #7


This range is primarily used for bench rest competitions and the sighting in of rifles. Target supports are provided at 25, 100, 200 and 300 yards. Gongs of different sizes are approximately at 315 yards. Approximately at 320 yards, left side of the range, there is a Covered Bullet Impact Pit for 50 BMG use, as well as a Prone Firing Platform. 50 BMG FIRING CAN ONLY BE DONE INTO THE BULLET IMPACT PIT–exception would be to sight in a scope on the left side of the range. DON’T FIRE A 50 BMG FROM UNDER THE COVER. Specific rules are posted on the right end of the firing line. All firearms on the steel work tables must have their actions open, and all actions must stay open whenever anyone is down range. Stay behind the yellow line and do not handle firearms when people are downrange! The 25 yard line is intended primarily to “get on paper” when sighting in a rifle and is NOT to be used for patterning of shotguns or 25 yard pistol practice. Long range pistol shooting is allowed (100 yards and beyond). There is a target dispenser located on this range, please place your payment in the dispenser coin slot. Use paper targets only on this range.