BPCR Rules

Blackpowder Cartridge Rifle (BPCR) Range (#2A)

The firing line for this range is on the left (south) side of the large dirt berrn. It is used for black powder cartridge rifle (Buffalo rifle) matches. Rifles used in matches are single shot or lever action black powder cartridge rifles typical of the buffalo hunting era of the late 1800’s. The targets are; 1 large full size bison — 692 yards; 1 1/2 size bison — 502 yards; 4 square, and 1 rectangle from 189 — 631 yards. Matches are 7 shots per target— 2 seen sighters, 5 for score. This range is closed when any of the Highpower rifle firing lines (#1) are in use and must be coordinated with the rimfire silhouette range (#3). Firing must be stopped on both ranges before anyone goes forward on either range. Firing must also be suspended when people are traveling to or from the shotgun area (#10) near the Highpower pits. Cast lead bullets ONLY on the Buffalo targets! Targets on this range are black and white.