Junior Program

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Yellowstone Junior Rifle Club

This division of YRC is designed to provide a venue for young people ages 10 to 20 years old to learn shooting fundamentals, and safe gun handling in an organized, indoor shooting program, whether for fun or advanced competitive goals. The .22 rifle program currently meets on Sunday afternoons and is under directors, Marlene Saunders and Lisa McFarland. An air gun program, managed by Dustin Greenwood, is also available which meets on Tuesday evening. This is a nonprofit organization.

Membership: $7.00 per year, provides insurance for liability, compensation for awards, no adult range privileges.

Range fee: $1.00 per day, helps to cover cost of targets and range utilities

Ammunition: .22 ammo $3.00 per box of 50 rounds. Air gun pellets are also available at a different cost. We are experiencing the same shortage as the rest of our country with .22 ammo and we ask you to maximize your use of available ammo. We do not usually approve outside ammo brought in because it needs to be proper speed and load appropriate for gallery target shooting.

Equipment: All needed equipment is available at the club. If you desire to use your own rifle, it needs to be a bolt action .22 cal rifle with peep sights. Open sights, scope sights, or rifles with any other type of action is not allowed. Air gun equipment is available.

Clothing for the shooter: wear a heavy, long-sleeved sweat shirt or jacket to help protect elbows even under the shooting jacket. When shooting positions other than prone, firm soled boots are helpful.

Program: a first-time shooter will be given a class by an NRA certified instructor. Eye dominance will be determined, will learn safety rules, range procedures and commands, and rifle nomenclature. They will understand and use basics of sight picture, breathing, and trigger control, and will be fitted with jacket, sling, glove and ear and eye protection.

First time on the range: will start .22 rifle qualification course, handing in targets for scoring and recording. First shots will be fired over a rest, 5 – 3 shot groups covered by a quarter, then 5 – 5 shot groups. Graduate to prone position using sling, proceed through levels to sitting, kneeling, and standing. Awards are presented 1 or 2 times per year.

Qualification programs are also available for the air gun program. More info on Air Gun.

Advanced training is available for those wishing to enter competitive activities.

Information for Parents

Shooters may attend with an adult who is not a YRC member.
A responsible adult needs to be available while child is at the range.
If you are signed up for a particular shooting relay for .22 rifle, please arrive about 15 minutes early so your child will be ready on time.
You may view shooters from behind the glass and you may use a scope to watch their progress.
You may be asked to help score targets, clean equipment, or provide assistance to coaches.
Shooters and parents remember to use hand sanitizer before leaving.
For more information contact our Junior Program Directors.